The Internationally patented Coolnomix Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS) encompasses two key processes:

  • Delivery of the required fixed-minimum space temperature.
  • Optimization of the running-time of the compressor to minimize energy consumption.

Since the compressor consumes about 95% of all the energy used by air conditioning and refrigeration units, minimization of its running-time delivers world beating energy savings , with average savings of 40% for the air conditioning unit and 30% for the refrigeration unit.


  • AR-01 for refrigeration
    • Average energy savings of 30%
    • Elimination of icing, thereby removing the need for de-icing cycles
    • Improved space temperature stability and tighter compliance with food safety or wine quality standard certifications.
  • AC-01 for air conditioning:
    • Average energy savings of 40%.
    • Elimination of dripping from air-conditioners.
    • Improved room temperature stability.

AR-01 for refrigeration

AC-01 for air conditioning

The ReflectorLens has been engineered to reflect up to 96 percent of emitting light of a T8 lamp while blocking UV-Radiation and providing uniform distribution of natural try Day-Light Illumination. It effectively doubles the brightness and highlights natural colours. It is simply the best T8 lamp reflector for any work or public environment. The ReflectorLens saves energy and increases lamp life by providing an optimal thermal condition for lamp performance. It also serves as a Shatter Protective Shield capable of containing all debris in case of lamp breakage.


  • Effectively directs light down to work areas.
  • Enhances natural colours.
  • Protects from UV radiation.
  • Provides energy cost savings.
  • Creates an efficient thermal environment - extending T8 lamp life.
  • Lexan polycarbonate cover is safe and shatter-resistant from breakage.
  • Easy-to-install maintenance-free dust repelling enclosure.